Frequently Asked Questions

What constitutes a public performance?
Any exhibition of a movie outside the privacy of a home setting is considered a public performance.
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How do I place an order?
It's easy, call one of our Account Executives to place an order:

Choose the titles you would like to show and let our experienced staff help you produce your film or video program. Place your order early to ensure your movie choices will be available.
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How will I know if my movie order is confirmed?
Your Swank Account Executive will give you an immediate verbal confirmation, if possible, in addition to mailing you a printed confirmation. Call if your printed confirmation is not correct. Confirmations can also be obtained via email; simply provide us with your email address at the time of your order.
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How many days can I show the movie?
Prices are for a one-day rental.  Additional fees will apply to multiple day shows. If you charge admission, your movie rental rate is a flat rate versus 50% of your gate receipts, whichever is greater. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.
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What is a "Blanket License"? Is this the same thing as a public performance license?
While similar, they are not exactly the same. Swank’s public performance license gives your church or organization the right to show movies on a title-by-title basis. A licensed version of a movie or a public performance license must be obtained for each movie your organization shows.
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Does one license cover every movie?
No. Every distributor’s license is different, but no one license covers every movie. Swank takes the ambiguity out of showing movies to your congregation. Instead of doing guesswork to determine whether or not a license covers the movies you want to show, Swank provides you with the licensed copy of the movie, ensuring that your screening is legal.
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When will my movie arrive?
Your movies will arrive at least two business days before your show date. A full inspection of your video, DVD, 16mm or 35mm is required at that time. If your print has not arrived, call your Swank Account Executive. Payment of your full rental fee is required if there is not notification to your Swank Account Executive at least one (1) business day prior to your show regarding undelivered or damaged prints.

DVD copies are delivered to you at least two business days prior to your show. At this time it is necessary to view the ENTIRE movie in the actual equipment (including the projector, if applicable) which will be used during your screening. The reason for this is because dual layering is used industry-wide to accommodate special features on your DVD. The transition between layers can cause pauses, skipping, pixilations or freezing during play. Some DVD players may NOT be compatible with the DVD itself.

This needs to be assessed in enough time to change copies, equipment or, if necessary, even titles if you find that your player and disk are not compatible. Damage during shipment can also cause variations in play; however, keep in mind that shallow scratches and smudges on the disk will likely NOT affect its play. A visual inspection is not enough to determine whether or not the DVD will play smoothly. A complete viewing is the only way to determine if the product is ready for a successful screening. If you find that you are having difficulty with a DVD, contact your Swank Account Executive immediately. At that time, all efforts will be made to resolve your problem. No discounts or refunds will be given if we are not alerted at least one (1) business day prior to your screening date.
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How do I return the movie?
Movies must be returned on the first business day following the scheduled showing. Future bookings are dependent on your timely return of all movies. Charges will apply for any delay in returning your movies from a late fee, up to and including an additional full rental charge for the movie.

Swank includes postage for your convenience on 16mm, video and DVD shipments. The shipping and handling charge includes postage for delivery to you and return to Swank. You are responsible for the movie while it is in your possession and until Swank receives it at our facility in Elmhurst, IL. Please rewind videocassettes before returning them to Swank.

Do not rewind 16mm films. Use a take-up reel of the same size we send to you, tape down film ends, replace the reel bands and lock the film case before returning the movie.
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How do I cancel my movie?
Any film may be canceled without obligation provided that Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. receives written notification ten (10) business days before the show date or the full rental and handling charges must be paid.
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What do I do if my show date changes?
All show date changes must be made in writing and received by Swank Motion Pictures, Inc. ten (10) days before the film is shipped, or the full rental and handling charges must be paid.
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What are the restrictions of the license for my movie?
Your order is for a limited license to exhibit only to the agreed upon time and place. Violation of this is subject to the penalties set forth in the Federal Copyright Act. No movie or any portion thereof may be copied or duplicated in any manner.

Television, broadcasting or any type of electronic transmission of any Swank movie may only be done in extraordinary circumstances and must pre-approved in writing by Swank and at different specified rates. Infraction of this violates the Federal Copyright Statutes and carries a penalty of up to $5,000.

Hollywood studios reserve the right to reject showings of certain movies to potential crowds over 200.
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Are there any advertising restrictions?
These motion pictures are specifically licensed for non-theatrical showings only. Advertising through media such as public radio, public television or general public newspaper is strictly prohibited. Advertising must be used exclusively to inform members or staff of movie showings via on-premises bulletin boards or direct mail.
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Can I plan a fundraiser with my movie?
You may fund raise with any movie except for Walt Disney Pictures' feature-length movies, for which you may only charge admission to help defray the rental cost of the movie.
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What if my screening is affected by unforeseen circumstances?
In the event of inclement weather, electrical problems, projector malfunction or other problems that prevent you from showing your film on your scheduled date, you have the option to show the film again within one year at no additional rental charge.

Regardless of rescheduling, all invoices are due at the time of the original show date. Only freight will be charged for the rescheduled show date. Titles cannot be substituted for rescheduling. All advertising and admission policies still apply to the rescheduled show.
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Who do I call for billing and payment information?
For questions involving invoices and payments, please contact the Customer Service Department in St. Louis, Missouri toll-free at 1-800-876-5445.
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Where do I send payment?
Please mail payments to:
Swank Motion Pictures, Inc.
2844 Paysphere Circle
Chicago, IL 60674

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