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Her child would change the world.
In Nazareth, a town oppressed by the devastating taxation practices of King Herod, a teenage girl, Mary, is told by her parents that they have arranged for her to marry Joseph. Distraught by the idea of marrying a man she hardly knows, Mary takes refuge in a grove to collect her thoughts. There, she is visited by an angel, who tells her that she has been chosen by God to bear his son. Despite the public scorn from an unwed pregnancy, together, Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem for a census mandated by the King. It is here, with a great celestial event revealing his prophecy, in a history-defining event, that Jesus is born.

Ciaran Hinds, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Shoreh Agdashloo, Oscar Issac
Catherine Hardwicke
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Non-theatrical screenings of The Nativity Story in all venues and formats are now available. Churches can publicly show The Nativity Story by obtaining a Public Performance License. The movie must be shown inside the licensed Church facility. The License is only available to Churches located within the United States and valid for only one location. The pricing of this Public Performance License is listed below:

The license costs $150 and is valid for 3 showings within a 12 month period from date of issue. Additional showings can be purchased for $75 each showing. Churches charging admission for this movie, please contact a Swank Motion Pictures Account Executive at: 1-800-876-5577

This license enables a church to use the "Home Use Only" DVD or Videocassette, purchased or rented from retail stores.

Regarding advertising your showing - you may do a mailing, hand out flyers and list the event in your church bulletin. The studios however prohibit public advertising in your newspaper, billboards, TV, radio and Internet / web site, etc.

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